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My BioLaboratory

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zaRina This my BioLab

What is the BioLab?

The BioLab zaRina was born in Acquaviva delle Fonti, BARI. We are in Puglia, the region of the Sun of the Sea and the cultural contaminations that have always influenced this land and also my

life. My Grandma told me that it is from the sea that the new and interesting things have always arrived...In

fact the recipes that so much happen to me  come from afar, the sea has only done so by means. It is assumed that the recipes in my possession come from Aleppo and are dated

about 2500 years A.C. The ancient texts were pierced on the coasts of Puglia around the 15th Century, due to the

iconoclast crisis in the far East. Some monks saved ancient recipes of oguents, soaps and balsami. From this tradition the

new formula was born by the Puglia's own custom made in the art of soapmaking.

Why do we use it?

For many years we have used it, in simple tablets, in all types of formats and with scents coming from

every place. A nice day  we were convinced that the soap had to be replaced with a liquid contained in a synthetic wrapper. Then we realized that these containers are difficult to manage and the disposal is expensive and complicated. In this context I

insert myself with my products.The semi-solid artisanal, natural and vegetable product has the advantage of being eco-sustainable, needs

no wrappers, comes from nature and returns to it without

side effects. All the ingredients used by me are 100% natural, vegetable and km 0. 70% of the ingredient is nothing but extra virgin olive oil Pugliese squeezed in the area by ourselves.

zaRina sapone artigianale 100% Naturale, 100% Vegetale, 100% Sostenibile.

My Production

My product aims to communicate a pointual image of the rural identity Puglia. All the elements are studied and researched so that you get the typical attitude of the local product. The design from the clean lines, completed from a vision minimum as that of the natural raw materials used to obtain the compositions, becomes the common denominator of our packaging. The soaps strictly hand-worked with cold method and cut according to tradition, are made with passion. Placed in a natural environment for 50 days where they complete the maturation before use. All this confers to the product the fascination of time,  spraining sensations and moods that convey well-being for body and mind...

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